Monday, June 15, 2015

     Well here it is the middle of June, and no astro photos to show for it.  The cloudy weather is sure taking its tole on this hobby.  I have had a few chances of visual astronomy thank goodness.  I did manage to get to the beach just down the road and capture some tripod images of the Strawberry Moon rising over the beach to the east, and Venus, and Jupiter setting in the west.   I used my Canon T3i and a Sigma 10mm f2.5 lens.  I did a bit of image processing using Photo Shop CS6e.  Lets hope this cloudy rainy ends soon,  I want to get out and get some imaging done.

Strawberry Moonrise
Venus, and Jupiter setting in the west



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  2. Awesome photos down at the beach Glen. I hope you are able to do some imaging this July and August. I move into my new house in 1 week and plan to do a lot of backyard imaging! - Trevor