Sunday, February 1, 2015

Imaging M42 under a bright moon

     Winter is moving along quickly, and taking Orion along with it.   We have had some cloud free skies,  but still quite hazy.  I have been anxious to try out  my new AstroTech AT8IN f4 astrograph.   The first opportunity was last Tuesday, Jan 27th.  The skies where quite clear, but the moon was bright so I was only able to take 180sec. exposures.  This image of the Orion Nebula and the Running Man was a result of 6, 180sec. exposures taken with my Canon XSi with an IDAS LPS-P2 filter.  All image stacking, and processing was done using Photoshop CS6e.  I am looking forward of imaging this again under darker skies,  Lets hope February brings better skies.

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