Monday, January 15, 2018

     This has been the longest gap between updating my Blog.  I have been having issues with my ISP.  I had next to no upload speed.  They blamed my router, and I blamed there Modem.  Well, the problem was on there end but not the Modem. 
     I will be posting images from July, August, and September.  Unfortunately there will not be any Eclipse images from my trip to Idaho.  I got so caught up in viewing the event, I forgot to remove the filters from my camera during totality.  I could tell the camera wasn't taking proper exposures but decided it was more important to view the eclipse than fiddle with my camera.  But Toni came threw. It was spectacular.  I promise to have some images next time.  On April 8th 2024, I will have over 3 minutes of totally right hear in my backyard in Sherkston.

     This is a panoramic view of our eclipse site in the mountains, a few hours north of Boise Idaho.  This great location was found by my Uncle Bill Kozar. We had about 2 minutes of spectacular totally.

 Even tho I didn't get any images of Totally, My Wife Toni, using a hand held Canon XSi with a 50mm lens, managed to capture these images.  I had to do a bit of image processing in PhotoShop CC,   they don't look to shabby. 

The Diamond Ring

Totality Corona

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