Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Observatory  BBO Canada (Blue Braille Observatory)
     The Observatory was built in 2011 with help from Friends, Family, and encouragement from my wife.  Most of the materials used was reclaimed lumber, and supplies from the local Re-Store.  The total cost was under $1500.00.  It is an 12 x 8 foot structure, with an 8' x 8' roll off roof  open observatory, and a 4' x 8'  ft. heated warm room.     
     The warm room is where all the work is done.  Here I can spend hours in comfort, controlling the telescope, and cameras.

Equipment from Left to Right
Lostmandy Gemini GoTo mount controller,  Samsung 19" LCD monitor,  LG 24" HD LED Monitor, Sony 14" Trinatron TV Monitor(old 1980s TV) below are 2 Moto Focus controllers, Moonlight, and JMI.
There is also a Windows 7 PC to run everything, and Altec Speakers, with Sub for some Kick Ass Sound.
 The open section of the Observatory holds the mount, and telescopes

The mount is a Losmandy G11 with Gemini I  GoTo Computer.

The telescopes
1 -My new Tele Vue NP101 f5.4 APO Refractor It is used for all my wide field photography.
2 - Celestron Ultima C8 f10 SCT.  using it with a f6.3 reducer,  It is perfect for imaging smaller objects like galaxies, and globular clusters.  It is also Fastar compatible which makes a very fast f2.0.
3 - Lunt Solar LS60T Ha.  It is a dedicated 60mm solar telescope.  Used only for viewing, and imaging the sun.

Other equipment includes a Celestron 70mm scope with an attached Orion Starshoot guide camera.  The auto guider enables me to take very long exposures with my camera by correcting the motion of the mount, keeping the target from drifting. 

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