Thursday, April 24, 2014

     I was out till 2:00am this morning capturing this image.  M83 is a very elusive object snag.  It is very low in the South.  At it's peak elevation  it is only 21deg. above the horizon, and is only visible above the trees for about 2 hours.
Camera:  Canon T3i
Telescope:  Celestron C8 @ f6.3
Mount:  Lostmandy G11 with Gemini GoTo
Guiding:  Orion StarShoot Auto-guider on a 70mm scope. and PHD2.
Image Capture:  BackYard EOS
Processing:  Photoshop CS6e, NIC Collection, and Boundry Noise reduction.

10 x 300sec. axposures @ 1600iso.

This image needs a bit more work, but not to bad for now. 

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